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Huurkor Admin delivers Property Management services and admin in Gauteng province, excluding rentals.

Sectional Title & Homeowners Association Management

for Community Schemes in Gauteng

Residential Schemes

Complexes or high-rise building schemes

Industrial or Commercial Schemes

Gated Communities

Office parks & Share Block Schemes

Lodges or Exclusive Bushveld Retreat Schemes

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Efficient administrative management of all types of Community Schemes such as Body Corporates, Home Owners Association, Share Blocks for Industrial or Commercial Properties, Gated Communities,  Office Parks, Industrial or Commercial Properties, Lodges or Exclusive Bushveld Retreat Schemes.

We partner with the Scheme Executives and Owners to provide knowledgeable advice and top-notch administrative services to ensure the successful management of any Scheme. 

We have the necessary qualifications and registrations – Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and are proud National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA) members.

Our head office is located in Hatfield, Pretoria. We can provide property administrative services to any community scheme located in Gauteng.

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